Why carry?


Carrying our babies is in our nature. Before there were strollers, we had no choice but to carry our babies. Women who had to help on the land couldn’t stay home until the baby was old enough to walk. Their help was needed, and so they took their babies with them, carrying them. This is just one example of how babywearing was common a few centuries ago. Having our babies close to us is the most natural thing in the world. Even now, people all around the world carry their babies. In many cultures, this is even very common. Where in Western culture, people might give you a surprised look if they see you carrying your baby, you might get this same look when pushing a stroller in other countries. Luckily, babywearing is becoming more and more popular in Western culture again. While there have been a few centuries where it became the norm to use a stroller, to have a distance between you and your baby, now we are slowly going back to what is natural, holding your baby close.

Aside from the fact that babywearing is in our nature, it offers many other benefits, for both parent and child. As a parent, you have your hands free to do other things if needed and wanted. It gives you some freedom, and is quite handy.

Physically, the child is in its natural position (M-position), and thus it is also good for the physical development.

Psychologically, there are even more benefits. Babywearing helps the bonding between parent and child, and it can help the mother recover from a post-natal depression and develop a good bond with her child. Being carried also helps with the mental development of the child. The child feels safe, knows that it’s safe. Often children that are carried cry less than children that aren’t being carried. This results in less stress for child and parent.

But let us not forget another important reason why you should carry your child; it’s fun! Children enjoy it, and parents enjoy it.

Oh, and you have much more space left in your car when you don’t need to pack your stroller! ;)