About us


Who are we?

Serena Slings is a small business company founded by Sharon Ooms in January 2015. After giving birth to her son in August 2014 she soon discovered the benefits and pleasures of babywearing. What started as a means of improving and facilitating her life as a new, young mom soon grew into a passion. The babywearing virus had gotten to her, and it had gotten to her badly. Slowly, yet steadily, the idea of using this passion to start up her own business and spread the babywearing love grew stronger and stronger, until it finally became reality in January 2015. Serena Slings was born, bringing her passion for motherhood and babywearing together. In April 2015, she also became a certified babywearing consultant, increasing her knowledge about babywearing and gaining more background information about the history and benefits of babywearing.


Our mission

We strongly believe in the importance of a good bonding between parent and child. With our carrying wraps we want to bring parent and child closer together. We want to spread the babywearing love, to go back to nature, to what feels natural. It is in our nature to keep our babies close. We offer parents the chance to reconnect with their motherly (or fatherly) instincts by carrying their loved ones using our modern carrying wraps.

We also want to let parents and their young ones experience the many benefits of babywearing. Not only does it bring them closer together and helps them bond, it is also very good for the physical development of the child, as the body of the child is allowed to assume its natural position.

We want to spread the babywearing love and make the world just a bit of a better place.


Our products

Serena Slings offers exclusive woven carrying wraps for babywearing. Our designs are unique, and with them we hope to offer you your dream wrap. We want to create designs which speak to us all, yet at the same time are unique for everyone. For our wraps, we make use of the finest Irish linen.